[lively.next] ObjectDB update

Robert Krahn robert at kra.hn
Tue Aug 29 20:20:43 EDT 2017

The "slides" from this morning are here:


On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:33 AM, Robert Krahn <robert at kra.hn> wrote:

> Hello,
> I mostly concluded the work on the lively.next object database and updated
> lively.morphic accordingly.
> This means that we are moving from a file-based storage mechanism for
> worlds and parts to a database (lively.storage) based mechanism.
> If you have a local install and want your old worlds / parts converted
> then please:
> 1. update
> 2. open a world, a partsbin, and load "converter for object db" from the
> "objectdb" category.
> 3. click on "choose objects" and select a category (local worlds, public
> worlds, parts)
> 4. select those objects you want to import into the DB and click "import
> selected"
> This should be it, your worlds should appear in the world loader and your
> parts in the PartsBin.  If you run into trouble please let me know.  I'll
> say more about the object db stuff in the Tuesday meeting.
> Best,
> Robert
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