[lively.next] ObjectDB update

Robert Krahn robert at kra.hn
Mon Aug 28 03:33:33 EDT 2017


I mostly concluded the work on the lively.next object database and updated
lively.morphic accordingly.

This means that we are moving from a file-based storage mechanism for
worlds and parts to a database (lively.storage) based mechanism.

If you have a local install and want your old worlds / parts converted then

1. update
2. open a world, a partsbin, and load "converter for object db" from the
"objectdb" category.
3. click on "choose objects" and select a category (local worlds, public
worlds, parts)
4. select those objects you want to import into the DB and click "import

This should be it, your worlds should appear in the world loader and your
parts in the PartsBin.  If you run into trouble please let me know.  I'll
say more about the object db stuff in the Tuesday meeting.


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